Norton City Schools

Title I Services - Federal Funding

School districts in the United States are provided federal funds to provide supplemental instruction to children. Norton City Schools, like many other districts, provides supplemental reading instruction services to children in kindergarten through grade 2 with the use of the Title I Federal Funding Program.
In Ohio, diagnostic and achievement test results are used in part to help determine where the program will be of greatest value. Norton City Schools follows state and federal guidelines with regard to program design, selection of students, and parent involvement. 
For more information, please Google the following: Ohio Parent Information and Resource Center. 
What is the parent's role in Title I? 
We actively encourage parents to work with their children at home, to attend school conferences and activities, and to communicate their ideas and suggestions about the Title I program to us. Every parent is invited and welcome to observe in the Title I classroom. If interested, please contact your child's Title I teacher to make arrangements. Parents may also request the professional qualifications of the student's classroom and reading teachers.  
 What materials are being used for Title I instruction?
In kindergarten, Wilson Fundations in the basis of our Title I instruction. Kindergarten level Fundations will assist in the development of a very strong foundation for reading and writing. Students will focus on letters and sounds, phrasing and expression,  and identify and explain basic story elements. 
In first grade, we will also use Fundations. Level 1 of Fundations reinforces the essential components of structured literacy that were learned in Kindergarten and progresses further into the study of word structure. Explicit instruction is provided in phonological awareness, phonemic awareness, phonics, and high frequency "Trick Words". Comprehension and vocabulary are also enhanced in Level 1. Fundations presents skills in a systematic and sequential manner to support the student in their classroom. 
In second grade, we use Wilson Reading which is designed for students with word level deficits who require more intensive structured literacy instruction that what is being provided in the standard classroom environment.
How are students selected for Title I participation? 
Each grade level has its own multi-criterion selection process that involves the student's individual performance on diagnostics, Fundations and Wilson Reading assessments, MAP assessments (grades KG-2), classroom teacher/Title I teacher observations and knowledge of students. Participation is then prioritized from the multi-criterion sheets based on student performance and need. Those with the highest level of need will receive supports first and foremost.
Norton City Schools Title I Staff 
Mrs. Tracy Ranier, Title I Kindergarten
Mrs. Annie Reed, Title I First Grade
Ms. Jennifer Cook, Title I Second Grade
Mrs. Amy Olivieri, Federal Programs Coordinator 
Norton City Schools receives federal money to support a portion of our elementary reading intervention program.  In accordance with the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), we are required to notify all parents of their right to request information related to the qualifications of their child’s teacher(s).  This information is available through the District Office and can be requested at any time by interested parents.  Please call 330-706-2730, to request information related to this provision of federal and state law.