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Norton Help Desk

Norton Help Desk Instructions

There are a few troubleshooting steps you can try before submitting a ticket.  These may save you some time:

  • Check your cable connections- Is everything still plugged in and connected?
  • Perform a restart on your computer.
  • If you still are in need of assistance, please submit a helpdesk ticket via email to [email protected].  The directions are found here.
***For copier and printing issues please look for a Graphic Enterprises sticker on the copier or printer and contact them with the issue and device number which is also on the sticker.  If the printer or copier that you wish to print to is not on your computer, please submit a help desk ticket.
***For student login issues please check with the main office to make sure an AUP has been turned in for the current school year before submitting a ticket.