Norton City Schools


The Treasurer's Office is responsible for the financial management of the school district.  The Office manages the district budget, revenue and expenses, payroll and employee benefits.
Stephanie Hagenbush                                                           
Phone: 330.825.2114
Ext. 532000

Pam Dixon 
Assistant Treasurer
Phone: 330.825.2114 
Ext. 532003
Jill Applebee
EMIS Coordinator/Student Enrollment
Phone: 330.706.2723
Ext. 532001 
Sarah Stemberger 
Phone: 330.825.2114 
Ext. 532002
Lynette Palmer
Accounts Payable
Phone: 330.825.2114 
Ext. 532005

Fax Number: 330.825.4537
** Please note-  If your check is returned for non-sufficient funds (NSF), your account will be debited electronically for both the face amount and returned check fee of $30.00 **