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OTES 2.0 - Ohio Evaluation System


Norton City Schools participates in the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System Model. 

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Norton City Schools OTES Committee 2022/23
Cindy AddisNPSx532327[email protected] 
Melissa BerlinNMSx532623[email protected] 
Peggy DietzNESx532428[email protected] 
Carly JonesNPSx532311[email protected] 
Kathy KanisNESx532423[email protected] 
Julie BookNMSx532655[email protected]
Jackie MohseniniaNHSx532145[email protected] 
Amy OlivieriAdministrationx532011[email protected] 
Terri HortonAdministrationx532013[email protected]
Kristen BisslerNHSx532156[email protected]
Annie ReedNESx532410[email protected] 
Rod RowellNMSx532622[email protected] 
Cole EdgellNHSx532129[email protected] 

Meeting Dates for 2023/2024
  • TBD

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