Norton City Schools


AESOP Overview

Norton City Schools is a member of Aesop!  All certified personnel must report absences through Aesop.
Click here to log in to Aesop!
Aesop is a web-based system that allows employees to report absences 24/7 via both a toll-free telephone number and the web. The system can then use preference lists to match the appropriate substitutes to the jobs, placing them by automatically calling them, as well as allowing the substitutes to view and accept the appropriate jobs online or by calling into a toll-free telephone number. Administrators can stay informed through extensive reporting, including a custom reporting feature. 

How to Create Favorite Five Substitutes

1. Log in to your Aesop website.
2. Select Preferred Substitutes from the column of links on the left hand side of your screen.
3. Be sure to have already selected substitutes to be on your preference list. (If you have not yet added substitutes to this list,be sure to do so.
4. Select the Edit button.
5. Choose your favorite five substitutes to be notified by clicking on the radio buttons below the column rank you wish to give them. Shortly after you enter an absence, all five of your favorite substitutes will receive an email about the job (if they have an email address in the system). They will also receive a phone call during the first available evening call period.
6. Be sure to select Apply Changes.
7. Smile! You now know that Aesop is contacting your Favorite Five!