Norton City Schools

Superintendent's Office

Superintendent's Office


Dana Addis, Superintendent
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (330) 825-0863
Kelly Osborne, Superintendent's Secretary
Phone: (330) 825-0863

Superintendent's Message

Norton Panther Families and Community Members - On behalf of the school board, our 2400 students, and our nearly 300 employees, I would like to welcome you to the 2021-2022 school year! 

While recognizing the challenges in front of us, Norton City Schools is committed to providing our students with the educational opportunity and engagement that they not only deserve, but also need.  We are excited for our full return to in-person learning and to watch our students participate in both their education and extracurricular opportunities that await them.  It is the commitment to “getting back” to our vision of school that is driving us in our work right now, and the district accepts both the hard work and responsibility that has been placed upon us in 2021!

We Roar. Together. returns as our theme for this school year, and it is back because there is unfinished work for our staff and students.  In an attempt to support the Whole Child, We Roar. Together. demonstrates a belief and movement into the development of both support and strength for our students.  We want to teach them to appreciate the differences in their school district but also support their own endeavors and belief in themselves.  It is a combination of supporting those who need it while being strong enough to push towards what they want to achieve.  We will have four We Roar days this year in an effort to develop learning opportunities for our students that we hope will impact them in a positive way.

Norton City Schools believes in family and community engagement, and we are committed to telling our story to all of you.  We want our families and our community to know what we are thinking, what we are doing and what we are achieving.  For that reason, we will be active in our communications with all of you.  Despite that, we know you have questions.  Please be comfortable in contacting us at the building or district level should you have any questions regarding your student(s) and our district.  

We are looking forward to a great year and are excited about the possibilities that are in front of us.

Go Panthers!

Mr. Dana Addis, Superintendent of Schools