Norton City Schools

Norton Wireless Access

Norton City Schools provides WiFi access to personal devices belonging to teachers and students.  This access is filtered and recorded. Joining our wireless network is a two step process.  One step is to connect to the WiFi (NT-Login) with your nt_ username and password and the other step is to install the Securly certificate (for all devices except Chromebooks).  If you do not install the Securly certificate, you will receive errors especially when trying to look things up on Google. The Securly certificate resolves these errors.   You will be asked to sign in to your account once the certificate is installed.  below you will find directions for joining the WiFi and installing the certificate for each type of device.

Personal Devices (Students & Staff)
All internet use is filtered and recorded while on campus per CIPA requirements.
The use of VPNs is strictly prohibited and grounds for permanent device exclusion from our network.

Directions for Connecting a Personal Chromebook to WiFi

Directions for Connecting a Personal PC/Windows Device to WiFi

Directions for Connecting a MacBook to WiFi

Directions for Connecting an iPhone or iPad to WiFi