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Insurance Information

Insurance Information

NFP, Inc. - Insurance Consultants
Benefit Advocates:
      Nancy Petel at (216) 264-2726 or
             [email protected]
     Lisa Holocker - (216) 264-2719 or 
             [email protected] 
This website contains information about our benefits (plan summaries) as well as enrollment forms and plan documents.  (Your sign on is first letter of your first name and your last name, the password is the last four digits of your ssn) 

 We are in the Blue Access PPO plan. 
      Benefit Summary (BenXpress has complete information)


Life Insurance
Norton City Schools provide life insurance for each employee.  Please make sure your beneficiary information is current.  Events such as marriage, divorce and death could warrant a change in beneficiary information.
As an employee of Norton City Schools, you have the ability to purchase optional life insurance.  Open enrollment is available each July.
Please log into BenXpress to make any beneficiary changes.