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Counselor's Corner - Norton Primary and Elementary Schools

Mrs. School
 Norton's School Counselor for Kindergarten (Primary) and 1st through 4th Grade (Elementary) is Rebecca School.
Mrs. School will be available from 8:30-3:30 Monday - Friday during the school year, whether school is remote or in-person.  Students can access her Virtual School Counseling Office through their teacher's Google Classroom, and she will also be providing virtual Social Emotional Learning classes for the 2019-2020 year.  Parents and guardians can contact Mrs. School by the link at the bottom of this page, or by email or phone.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to Mrs. School at [email protected], or (330) 825-3828 ext. 532407 during school hours.  If there is an emergency, please call 911.
If you are struggling to explain issues about the closure and COVID-19 to your students, please consider watching this video called "The Yucky Bug" on YouTube.  It touches on isolation, hospitalization, and loved ones being sick.
If your child has a parent or caregiver who has COVID-19, these are free printable books (you can also read them online) that can help set expectations for the parent to be isolating, and looking forward to reuniting with them when they are better.
If you have lost a family member to COVID-19, this is an excellent book to read with your children (it is free to print as well):  
If your child has questions or concerns about recent social injustice and demonstrations/ protests, this is a list of some resources for k-5 for teachers and parents.  Kids as young as 3 understand the concept of fairness, and have started to absorb and demonstrate implicit bias. By talking openly with age appropriate language about the importance of not just diversity, but also equity and justice they can develop the important life skills of appreciating that all of our differences bring richness to our lives.  It will also help prepare them for when they leave school for college and careers. 
If your child is upset because they have seen videos or heard about George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, or others, this book is read-aloud on Youtube and is highly recommended by the American Psychologist Association for children processing this trauma:  
If your child is feeling anxious, it is important to reassure them that you and the community are working to keep everyone safe (from COVID-19, violence, etc).  Norton is preparing for us to SAFELY return to school by following the advice of experts. Our Norton police are working to keep everyone safe and work with Norton Schools to build positive relationships with our students.  This read aloud can help give some perspective:
Congratulations to Aiden Matheny - 4th grade, Aiden Matheny - 4th grade, Avery Matheny - 2nd grade, Everly Steele - 1st grade, and Anson Matheny - Kindergarten for being the first 2020 Wellness Challenge Champions!
Mrs. School is available to all students, and comes to (virtual) classrooms frequently to teach 
  • coping skills 
  • problem solving                                                                              
  • bullying prevention
  • organization skills
  • and how to be safe, healthy, and helpful.
Students who come to the school counselor are never there because they are in trouble.  Usually they are there for support with their academics, some challenges or changes in their life, working through some uncomfortable feelings, or getting help with problem solving.  Mrs. School usually meets with students at their own request and sometimes they are referred by their parents or staff members.  Sometimes students may earn a prize from Mrs. School for achieving a goal set by them and their teachers!
Drop-in one-day activities are open to the whole school.  If a student seems to be having some overwhelming feelings that are impacting their functioning, school counselors will reach out to the parents or guardians and provide resources and ideas.  Mrs. School will get a parent or guardian's permission before students participate in other regular small groups.
Mrs. School really enjoys helping students explore careers that involve the Trades and Career Technical Education as well as ones that require College.  All students get to participate with her in Career Exploration in our Career Gallery Walk. 

Some additional things that Mrs. School specializes in are 

  • Supporting students who have experienced Trauma
  • Chemical Dependency Counseling
  •  College Admissions

Some of Mrs. School's podcasts and videos are available on the Student Links page under "Student Support Resources".

During the school year, you can fill out a referral form, please click here