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Superintendent's Office

Dana Addis, Superintendent

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Dana Addis, Superintendent,
Kelly Osborne, Superintendent's Secretary, 
Phone: (330) 825-0863

Superintendent's Message

Thank you for visiting the Norton City Schools' website!  We hope you find the site to serve your information needs in a professional and efficient manner. 

The 2018-2019 school year is upon us, and we approaching it with a high degree of excitement.   

The theme this year is Protect the Pride, and we offer that to all of you with a mindset of serving and taking care of one another in everyway way we can as a school district.  We want to work with our students in both their ability and desire to support one another as students and as people.  The district will look to work with our school parents and support them amidst both the victories and hurdles that occur during a school year.  We will work hard in reaching out to our community to ensure them that their financial support of the district is producing successful students who are ready to move past our buildings and grow into what is next in their world.  This is a school district that believes in the educational journey we are taking with our students and community.  Protecting the Pride is a great reminder that Pride is something that has always been alive and well in Norton, and we want to have a year where we bring that back as a priority in our relationships with all of our stakeholders. 

The district is committed to a firmer focus on Family Engagement, and you should see communication from each building at its highest level.  Our administrative team has placed this as a priority, and we are already seeing the implementation of new communication tools and practices.  We have studied the impact that strong family engagement can have on the success of a student, and our goal is to work with you on behalf of your student.  You will see this and hear about it as we move into our school year. 

Last but not least is a mention of our Student Safety Plan that is in place for this school year.  Public School Works is in place for anyone who wants to report an issue regarding the treatment of a student.  That report goes to a number of district leaders, and we prioritize those messages.  Last year, we implemented not only a suicide assessment protocol district wide, but also a threat assessment protocol that ensures struggling students are safe before returning to a building.  We have a team of nine school counselors and psychologists whose desire it is to not only help our employees recognize troubling situations, but more importantly counsel our students and families when necessary.  Our emergency management plans are in place, and the district will grow in our approach to diversifying our trainings and possible situations.  Bolo Sticks, Safety Lines, and consistent, effective building office check-in protocols are also important components of our district safety plan.  We will consistently monitor our emergency plans, but we are beginning the year with a strong plan in place. 

It is truly our hope that you and your students will have your best year every in Norton City Schools!  We are here to serve you and your students, so never hesitate to contact us when needed.


Mr. Dana Addis, Superintendent