Norton City Schools

Superintendent's Office

Superintendent's Office

Dana Addis, Superintendent

Contact Information
Dana Addis, Superintendent,
Kelly Osborne, Superintendent's Secretary, 
Phone: (330) 825-0863

Superintendent's Message

It is with much change and even more excitement that the Norton City Schools embarks upon the 2017-2018 school year.  As with other districts, we are well underway in our planning and organization in order to secure one of the best years ever for the students in our district.  The first change of note is the movement into four new educational settings for a full year for the students, employees, and community that is Norton City Schools.  That movement began last year and will be finalized on August 22, when we welcome back all of the staff and students.  I would be remiss if I didn’t recognize our custodians and maintenance teams whose sole purpose this summer has been to get buildings ready for our 2,500 students.  They have been more than impressive in their work.

 An additional change in Norton is the movement which has occurred within our staff.  We have administrators in new roles, teachers who are in new grade levels, and staff members with new responsibilities in different buildings.  I am proud and pleased to return to my Alma Mater in the role of Superintendent and to begin the work with this school community as we look to reach our potential as a district.  This is a district whose residents, workers, and school employees recognize the purpose of the place.  Our job – all of us – will be to capitalize on the strong emotion of both happiness to be here and important change necessary to provide the ultimate educational experience for our students.  That work has already begun.  

 Norton City Schools will work as a unit in defining both our current standing as a district and our future goals.  We will grow our entire staff so that our students will be afforded every educational opportunity available.  In other words, we are going to begin to Build to the Best.  It is our intention, as a district, to fully recognize our importance to not only the growth of every student in the system, but also as an important entity in this city.  We want to be a place who, along with every business and every citizen, will work on behalf of our students.

 The families in our district will know that communication will be one of our strengths, so we want them to feel comfortable in reaching out to us.  Whether it is a building or district need, please consider us an ally in any academic or social situation involving any of students.  Our building and district teams will work with you in discovering what’s best for the children.  An additional communication piece of importance is our website and other media forms we will use to celebrate success, provide updates, or alert to important events that are occurring district wide.

 Thank you to the residents of Norton for their support of the children, teachers, and employees of this district.  The new school year is upon us, and we are ready to get to work!