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Building Project

Welcome to Our Building Project Web Page!

We are embarking on a very special time in Norton City Schools! In an effort to keep all stakeholders informed, we will post content on this page as it becomes available.  Please continue to check back for more information.

Fall 2014

On October 20, 2014 The Norton City Schools Board of Education opened bids for the new stadium. Unfortunately, all bids exceeded the advertised budget by over the 10% legal limit forcing the rejection of all bids. Since that time the Board and MKC Architects worked to revise the stadium project specifications and will rebid the project to keep the plan within budget.

On December 8, 2014, the Norton City Schools Board of Education approved a proposal presented by Forever Lawn that would install synthetic turf on the new stadium while allowing the boosters to raise the money and pay for the turf over the next 5 years.

The Early Site Package for the new High School has also been approved. The GMP (Guaranteed Maximum Price) has been approved by the Board and the OFCC (Ohio Facilities Construction Commission). Work on the early site package began in early November and will continue throughout the winter.

Trees have been cleared and removed from the site. The Construction fencing has been installed and gravel for the construction drive is in place.

Additionally, the early site package work will include the required earth works (all grading of the site, development of retention basins, and bringing in the utilities to the site). It will also include the building pad and creating the drives.

Please click the link to the right for the Brick Order Form.  These bricks can be personalized and will be used to make a special pathway to the new stadium.
Spring 2014
We have been busy with preliminary steps for the new high school and stadium. Fifty one percent of the core cost of the new school is being funded through the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission. As a result, we are working in close collaboration with them to meet all necessary criteria. The initial steps included the selection of an architect and construction manager for the project. MKC Associates, Inc. was selected as the architect and CT Taylor as the construction manager.

When working with an OFCC project the early phase is spent on determination and allocation of space. The square footage of the building is determined by student population. The square footage is then allocated to classroom spaces through a collaborative process that includes administration and teaching staff. Parameters for the size of the classrooms and other spaces are set by the OFCC. That process culminates in a tentative floor plan.

In addition to planning for the facility, the architect has been working on a site plan. Wetlands, access, and economics are just a few of the issues that are considered. Preliminary drawings of the site plan have been completed.

We are at a stage with both the building and the site that we are excited to share with the community. A number of committees are also being formed that will provide opportunities for the community to be involved. Building a new facility is a rare and special opportunity for a community and we encourage each of you to get involved during this exciting time!

 Athletics/Physical Education
 Mr. Rob Knight
 Historical Preservation
 Mrs. Cindy Webel
 Interior/Exterior Aesthetics
 Mrs. Jennifer Bennett
 Performing Arts/Auditorium
 Mr. Pat Santelli
 Safety & Security
 Mr. Jason Sams