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7th Grade Weekly Updates

7th Grade Weekly Updates

General Announcements:


Language Arts

Mrs. Bruce-(Click on my name for weekly updates!)

Mrs. Carpenter/ Mr. Pritchard

  • Class novel- The Call of the Wild
  • Vocabulary Quiz every Friday
  • Every student needs an SSR book every day! Please ask your child what he/she is reading.  


 Mrs Majewski

We have begun reading All the Broken Pieces.
Our first vocabulary test for this book will be on 1/17
Book Challenge #1 for the 3rd quarter is due on January 24th.  




Mrs. Butcher  Week of February 17-21

      Math: Moving Straight Ahead linear relationships - Solving equations QUIZ on Friday 2/21

Solving equations games:

Basketball game

Solving two-step equations     


Hoop Shoot

      Pre-Algebra: Say it with Symbols Inv 2 this week

Mr. Davis


 Mrs. Flynn
Please be checking and discussing progressbook with your student often and feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns. Don't forget - Attendance and turning in makeup work is essential to success!
Important upcoming dates & announcements: 
WDYE investigation 1 & 2 quiz Monday 2/24 
Flocabulary due 2/21 
HW packet #6 due 2/24
No School Monday, 2/17 
Conferences 3/12
Quarter 3 closes 3/12 
Our student teacher, Miss. Medvick, is leading our math classes for the second semester. She has been working hard with our students and has been doing a great job!  
Homework will be looking different as we begin the second semester of the year. Students will be recieving a packet of homework problems and will have approximately 1 week to complete all problems. All of the skills in the packet are skills that we have previously covered and students may ask for assistance as they work through the assignments. We will be spending our class time focused on each day's lesson and skills including answering ACE questions. Students are encouraged to keep their packet in their math binder (points will be deducted for additional copies). Students are also encouraged to work on a handful of problems each day (during panther time or at home) and to NOTwait until the last minute. Please reach out if you have any questions!  The sixth packet is due Monday, February 24
Students will be periodically assigned Flocabulary review tasks in Google Classroom. Student need to watch the video and complete the activities. Students will take the quiz when they feel ready. They make re-take the quiz as many times as they wish. I will not accept quiz grades less than 70%. This will be a grade in progressbook. Students login with their google information. Flocabulary's due 2/21
Week of February 17 
We will continue working through our What Do you expect unit this week with a quiz over investigation 1 & 2  scheduled for Monday, 2/24.  



Mrs. Kane

Feb 10  - Feb 26

Students are learning about cell energy through photosynthesis and cellular respiration. They are also learning the various ways materials are transported into and out of cells. The quiz will be Feb 25th and 26th. Click here for the study guide. Adiditional study resources are posted in Google Classroom. 


Mr. Kovick


World History


Mrs. Majewski

Inter-class problem solving activity between B Day classes will begin Tuesday. 
Newspaper projects will be started in the next two weeks - so look for that to come home.  We will work on it a few days in class, but students will have to work on it at home to complete it. 
We are also continuing our study of economics.

Mr. Rymer

1/6-24  Reeach Report

2/17 at Midnight all Final Drafts Due for "A" Day

2/18  at Midnight all Final Drafts Due for "B" Day  

1/27-28 Notes on Feudalism and King Author Reading

1/29-30 Notes on Castles and King Author Reading

1/31-2/3  Research Reference Page and Note Card due

 2/4-5 Ch 2 Feudlism activity

2/6-7  Journal 3-4 Due- Research

 2/10-13  Work on Finalizing Report and developing Presentation

2/14-18  Finallization of all report due

2/19-20 Ch 3 activity Role of Church in Middle Ages

 2/21-26  Notes on middle ages and Student Presentation of Research Person

2/27-28  test on Research People

3/1-2 Review for ch 1-3 test

3/4-5 Ch 1-3 test 




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