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5th Grade Weekly Updates

Welcome to 5th Grade!

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Mrs. Barker: Social Studies 2019-2020

Week of 03/08/2020
This week we will begin our unit on Canada.  The vocabulary foldables are due for "A" day students on Wednesday and "B" day students on Thursday.  This will be the last grade I enter this grading period.  The grading period ends on Thursday.  If your child is missing any assignments for me, they need to be in by Thursday.  I can not take them any later.  I met with each student individually this week to show them their current grade in my classs and let them know if they have any missing assignments.   
Please feel free to contact me at any time.  The best way to get a fast response is through my email: [email protected]
Mrs. Dean
Social Studies
 Week of September 21
 This week we will finish our study of maps. We will have a quiz on Tuesday. You will need to know the types of maps: physical, political, and special purpose, the parts of a map: title, key, scale bar, map locator, and compass rose, how to find the distance between two places, and the direction you would travel from one place to another. We will also begin studying the United States with its geography.

Important Dates

Tuesday, September 22 - Map Skills Quiz

Mrs. Heston


Welcome to my math class!  Please make sure you join our Google Classroom. If you need to contact me, please use one of the avenues below:

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Mrs. Kutschbach

Please see my Google Classroom for all updates! 

Mrs. Lockwood
Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year!
I was very impressed by the Instrument Projects that were presented by students during this 3rd quarter. This is a very creative class that really shined through in these projects! Thank you to the families for supporting your students through this project! We made some big growth :) We have less than weeks left of this grading period, let's keep pushing through with our best efforts!
We have begun our Light Unit. Students have turned in their first 3 vocabulary foldables for light and have received their last vocabulary foldable for light last week. The 4th light vocabulary foldable is due this week! We are doing many in-class experiments and hands-on activities so it is very important to be present during this. It is difficult to make this work up outside of class.
The current standards we are covering are:  
Light and sound are forms of energy that behave in predictable ways.
Students have received their new Light books. I have collected the Sound Books. Students have turned in their 2 previous science books (Space and Technology AND Interactions Among Living Things). We will be using the Light books until the beginning of March. 
Upcoming Dates:
A day students:
          March 4:  - Light Station Packet due (Light Ch. 5 + 6 Outline paper on front)
                              - Light Vocabulary Foldable #4 is due
          March 6:  - Light Ch. 9 Outline due
B day students: 
          March 5: - Light Station Packet due (Light Ch. 5 + 6 Outline paper on front)
                              - Light Vocabulary Foldable #4 is due
        March 6:  - Light Ch. 9 Outline due  
Please check your student's planner nightly for homework assignments. 
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 Invasive Species Matching Game
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Mrs. Saiben

Welcome to my language arts class!  Please make sure you join our Google Classroom. If you need to contact me, please use one of the avenues below:

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Mrs. Tassone 

Week of Sept 21

We are finishing up unit 1 this week.  Unit 1 test will be Wed. Sept 23.   We will be trying to complete all task during the class period, your child should only have homework if they did not finish the task during the online class.  

Miss Zita

Miss Zita

Language Arts: This week we will be looking at the reading Natural Disasters. The comprehension strategy we will be focusing on is drawing conclusions. No tests/quizzes this week, but the Week 2 Spelling Choice Board is due Friday by the end of class for a spelling test grade.  

Math: This week we will continue to work through our Everyday Math journals and explore the idea of volume. An open note mini quiz over volume of rectangular prisms will be given Monday before moving into volume of composite shapes for the remainder of the week. 

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