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$25,000 Norton Middle School Science and Technology Grant in Action!

Technology has provided the world of science with new tools that collect and analyze data in real time for the physical world.  Real scientists use probes, sensors,  and computers to collect data for force, motion, magnetism, energy, and other scientific properties.  To better prepare students at Norton Middle School for careers in the science field, they deserve the opportunity to use real scientific tools to conduct labs and experiments. This will enable them to become more scientifically literate through a PROBE-lem based learning experience.PROBE-lem based learning will:
1. Increase science achievement levels of 200 eighth grade students at Norton Middle School.
2. Develop science literacy by participating in scientific practices and discourse.      
3. Open the door for students to future career opportunities in the science and math fields.
PROBE-lem based learning encourages students to problem solve real world concerns while using scientific probes and technology to collect and analyze real time data in an inquiry based environment. PROBE-lem based labs will be conducted for the following scientific concepts: force, motion, energy, and magnetic fields. Students will participate in completing labs centered around a challenge that requires them to devise a solution based on the data collected from the probes. With Chromebooks wirelessly connected to various probes, students will use the media-rich and interactive SPARKvue software which enables them to collect real time data, record their findings, analyze the results, apply their learning to new situations, and synthesize a solution in which they journal their findings. 


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