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Norton City Schools

Historical Pictures

Historical Pictures

Other Building Facts:

1929 - First School bus purchased. $1400.00 approx.

1953 - Present High School built. Major additions in 1959 and 1975.

1953 - Grill School and Western Franklin Schools transferred into Norton district.

1956 - Norton Primary was built.

1966 - Current Middle School was built.
Information above was gathered from "History of Norton Schools," written by Linda Fuline in 1989.  Much of the information she gathered came from Norton residents, Student Handbooks, and Board Minutes.  Additional information was gathered from Chuck Kaufman and Barberton and Summit County historical records. If any material is found to be questionable, please contact the webmaster by clicking the feedback button at the bottom so that corrections can be made if needed.
Alumni Memories:
The present (HS) building had the southwest corner completed into classrooms in about 1967 directly before I was a freshman.
Also, concerning the old building at the corner, now called Cornerstone, there was indeed an addition added in 1936. This was a Works Project Administration (WPA) job under the Roosevelt Administration during the Depression. I was fascinated every time that I looked at the plaque in the hallway. Maybe that was an early sign that I would become an Archivist!

I attended the building on the corner for seventh and eighth grade. I recall the big windows in reach room, the bottom parts could be opened wide to let in air (and noise from the intersection!)  We used classrooms in the basement. I recall being in the lower room near the traffic light when one afternoon we watched a house being moved and it turned in the intersection. We found that absolutely fascinating.
Also, in the high school, every day at noon, we heard the alarm being tested across the street at the fire department. Loud, loud.
Before the high school gym addition was built, in gym class, we out back on the marching practice field shooting wiffle golf balls toward the building. All was well until a student let go of his golf club and it went flying through a glass window into the Library which was at the northwest corner of the school. I have no idea about the reaction inside!  Yes, this was before the Library was built onto the southeast corner.
The small (sack) cafeteria was built on for my freshman year. There was a door out into the courtyard, but no one went out there. It was used to let in fresh air fall and spring. We also had homeroom there one year and driver's education and heath classes met there.

Thank you.
Walter Baughman, 1971