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7th Grade Weekly Updates

7th Grade Weekly Updates

General Announcements:

 Which HOUSE are you in? Accountability, Grit, Gratitude, or Honor? 

Language Arts


Mrs. Bruce

Mrs Bruce/Mrs. Carpenter/Mr. Pritchard

Mrs. Majewski 




Mrs. Butcher

Moving Straight Ahead Solving Equations QUIZ on Tuesday 2/12

Solving Equations Games:

Timed Game 

Equation Basketball 

Multiple Choice Practice 



Mr. Davis/Ms. Hilliard




Mrs. Kane

Week of January 28 and Feb 4

Lessons will explore how material moves into or out of cells through the cell membrane and then move to how cells get the energy they need. The reactants and products of photosynthesis and cell respiration will be explored, along with the relationship between these two processes. The next anticipated assessment dates are Feb 11 and Feb 12. Please keep in mind these dates may have to be moved based on the rates the topics are covered in class. Here is a link to the Study Guide. This link and other resources on these toics will also be posted in Google Classroom.

Mr. Kovick

World History


Mrs. Majewski

 We will continue Ancient Rome.  Look for the Roman History Newspaper project this week.

Mr. Rymer

 1/14-15  Introduction to Reaserch project

1/16-18 Research

1/21 Off school

1/22-25 research

1/25 Out line due

1/28-29 Notes/King Author

1/30-31  Journal 1=2 due

2/1 King Author

2/4-5 Chapter 2 activity Feudalism

2-6-7 Note Cards - Reference Page due

2/8  Middle Age Art  

 2/11-12  Chapter 3 Role of Church Middle Ages

2-13/14 Journals 3-4 due

 2/15  Research

2/18 Off

2/19-20 Research

2/21-22 Final Journal Due

2/25-28 Notes and begin Presentaion of Middle Age person

3/1 Middle Age person test

3-4/5  Review

3/6-7  Test over chapters 1-3 Early Middle Ages

For Research - we do this all on Google Classroom - Please check with your student and have them log into the site to see all the requirements of the project.   They will be getting feedback on their work and reworking the work so they may not have grade on it until it is of good quaility.   You can check on their progress on the google classroom so you will not be seeing many grade put into the schools progress book until the end of the project.   

Thanks - Mr Rymer



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