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5th Grade Weekly Updates

Welcome to 5th Grade!

Mrs. Barker: Social Studies and Keyboarding 2018/2019

Week of 12/3
Social Studies:  This week in Social Studies we are beginning the United States unit.  We will start with maps of the states and capitals.  We will also complete maps that feature important mountain ranges and bodies of water.  From there we will begin talking about the history of the United States.
Keyboarding: This week in keyboarding we are continuing to use a new program called typing club.  This program allows students to work at their own pace, now that they have a good foundation of proper keying.
Mrs. Dean
 Week of December 10
This week we will finish our first novel, 11 Birthdays. We will be focusing on commas, quotations, answering comprehension questions, spelling, and vocabulary. The spelling and vocabulary words all come from the book. The students have their third list. They need to know how to spell all twenty words and the definitions for the first ten. The students have also been reading a nonfiction book for their pleasure reading. The project for that book is Five Fast Facts. They need to pick out five big ideas from their book and make a fact card for each one. They need a colored picture on one side and need to fill up the other side with facts about their big ideas. They need to pick up five worksheets from my back table to complete this project. Please read at least 15 minutes and study spelling words and definitions every night. 
Friday, December 14 - 11 Birthdays list three spelling and definitions tests
Tuesday, December 18, -11 Birthdays final test.
Wednesday, December 19 - Five Fast Fact nonfiction book project due. 
Mrs. Flynn
*Week of November 26, 2018*

Hope everyone had a great and relaxing break! 
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Monday 11/26: No School
Tuesday 11/27: Lesson 4-1 - Introduction to Decimals - Homework: Homelink 4-1
Wednesday 11/28: Lesson 4-2 - Decimals - Homework: Homelink 4-2
Thursday 11/29: Lesson 4-2 - Decimals - Homework: Homelink 4-3
Friday 11/30: Review, Unit 4 vocabulary
Your student will have their Everyday Math computer login information taped into the front of their planner. Your student also has their Moby Max login information taped into the front of their planner. This is a resource we are using in class weekly and your student would benefit from continuing program usage at home. 
Please be practicing your math facts - especially division -  at home as often as possible.  
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We are getting ready to start our Space unit this week. Students will be receiving a new textbook that they will be in charge of while we study space. Students will be recieving a new copy of doodle notes for the first part of the lesson. Please KEEP these in your student's folders, they will need them for the entire duration of our space unit and will turn them into me at the end. Thanks! 
Many students are missing multiple assignments - please be checking progress book often and working with your student to get those missing assignments made up ASAP.  
Mrs. Heston     
Period 3/4 and 7/8 Connected Math

We have started our new book Let’s Be Rational!  This book is about understanding fraction operations.  The goal of this book is to develop meaning for computations involving fractions.  We will focus on their ability to examine a problem situation and determine which operation or operations are needed to solve the problem.  We expect that when students finish this Unit, they will understand the meaning of computations with fractions. Students will be able to decide which operation is appropriate in a given situation.  In addition, students will be able to use number sense, benchmarks, and operation sense to estimate solutions to situations as well as using estimation to decide if exact answers are reasonable.

Upcoming tests and quizzes are listed below.  Make sure your child is studying at home!

Quiz 1:Tuesday, November 13th

Quiz 2: Monday, November 19th

Final Test: Thursday, December 6th

Keep in touch if you have any questions or concerns!
Mrs. Lockwood
Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year!
We are now into our Space Unit. All students have received their new Space books.
Upcoming Dates:
Please check your student's planner nightly for homework assignments. 
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 If you have any questions, comments or concerns please don't hesitate to contact me! 

Mrs. Kutschbach

Weekly updates for 12/3-12/7

Flashcards due Wednesday, December 5th

Spelling test Friday, December 7th

5 Fast Facts due December 6th classes 3/4 and 7/8

Our 4th class novel is the fantasy 11 Birthdays.  We continue to work on figurative language in the book.  We also concentrate of the use of quotation marks, vocabulary and spelling. 


Mrs. Tassone Week of Dec 10


We will be finishing up Unit 4.  Vocab is due Wed., Dec. 12. Vocab quiz will be Friday, Dec. 14.   Unit 4 Test will be Monday, Dec. 17 and Tues. Dec. 18.  Grading period closes Dec. 20.    

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